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captioned by the national captioning institute >> live and in hd, this is abc 7 news at 11:00, on your side. another heartbreaking day for of the families connected elementary school shooting in connecticut. here at home, a group gathered for a rally and vigil to stop gun violence.
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a reporter joins us from northwest. this is a movement that got its start online? >> it did. they are getting organized social media around the country in light of the tragedy. they called himself a joint end gun violence. >> shame on the nra. >> protesters are taking their message to the streets. we find it a complete want toy that they gun an issue such as the violence and and more guns into the equation. this issue was raised on that to avoid the , there shouldtown be more guns in school. as parents, we do everything o keep our children safe. it is time to assume responsibility for our schools.
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protesters say the idea makes no sense. you give people guns in end up havingill dead kid. >> some here are longtime anti- .un activists others are horrified by the loss in the newtown slugging. .> i think it is sad these awful tragedies have to happen before it kicks us in the rear. it is a huge opportunity to hit .he reset button on gun laws there is a much larger being organized through for that million march in the mall double take place in february. it is designed to keep our sure on congress and the white house for meaningful gun control reform.
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reporting live, abc 7 news. >> a service was held for a six- at a mormon church in utah. people in that town tied pink ribbons around trees to show support for the family. pink was her favorite color. and local girl scout troop d tribute to the victims. -- paid tribute to the victims. aths.laid out 26 wre the shooting had an impact on school attendance in anne arundel county. 46 do this did not go to school 40% of students did not go to school. rumor of a shooting happening could you did to the absences. there were two different
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shootings. one happened at a convenience store in manassas. two were wounded. the gunman is in custody. police say two men were shot. one of the victims was killed. the other is critically hurt. police are still looking for the person or persons responsible. theice in the county say stole cash of the navy federal credit union this morning. the robertbers still money thats traceable. they were arrested in southeast. police are still looking for at least one of the suspects. still no cost it for a fire through a mall in maryland. the blaze started in one and it spread to two adjacent businesses.
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.o one was hurt --prepares on a broader woke .roken water main they wrap their prepares around 6 p.m. this evening. it happened on telegraph road. the road was closed for most of the day, but the intersection is open again. written much two more days until christmas. pretty much two more days until christmas. travelers are being slowed down by the wind. first, richard reeve is live at and look at how things are going. it is pretty quiet right now. earlier today there were high for incoming flights. the people on them or not the only ones dealing with this. all of that luggage and its 93 million people are
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this holiday weekend. all of the customer service representatives -- a miss from the midwest storms is causing a ripple .ffect it forces cancellation of at least 1600 flights. they say they cannot fight is out until monday. it was not snow, but the winds that caused problems. for about 45 minutes, a high some planesy forced to avoid theways winds. of her flight from south america was the most exciting part of her trip. people were going, whoo. they were bouncing and riding. >> the weather is not just .reaking havoc with the skype 83 million people have taken to .he roads
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many roads are still icy. it is a full ice rink even though the skies are completely blue. back at dulles, the winds had died down by late saturday. the crowd, whether, and the .elays >> you want to see loved ones and friends. that is one passenger front .ndianapolis of three americans are taking a train, plane, or a car to get to wherever they need to go. travel one of the top days of the year all affected huge midwest storm. live from reagan national, richard reeve, abc 7 news. reporters have been out there .ll day have happy that the winds died down. a cold will settle in after tomorrow. let's find out from steve rudin. a cold night ahead.
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tomorrow will be chilly, but nothing compared to today. 35 at reagan national. right at the freezing mark in .artinsburg look at these wind gust from earlier today. wintergreen, virginia, 61 miles .er hour keep in mind they are about 36 feet above sea level. our forecast as you wake up early tomorrow morning, temperatures in the mid-20's to 30's. lots of sunshine. the sun will rise at 7:24 a.m. there might be a chance of a few flakes of snow. details coming up in a few minutes. we are less than 10 days from the country reaching the so- called fiscal cliff.
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the president and congress have left town for the holidays. house speaker boehner is in and obama is in hawaii. >> i'm stuck here in washington americans from showing more money to uncle sam next year. the gauche nations between white house and house speaker speaker boehner fell apart. negotiations between the white house and house eager .peaker boehner fell apart the president said that he is to working on a smaller deal avoid the fiscal cliff. >> the president is making changes when it comes to his inauguration. this time there will only be o official balls.
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there'll be a concert honoring .he lee terry families saturdaye held on before inauguration. out of egypt, how millions e voted on the disputed constitution. also, this cruise ship is isn't beingto italy m.rubbed from top to botto >> staring up controversy in virginia.
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breaking news out of egypt tonight. the constitution has received a majority of yes from more than 70%. the results were posted on the muslim's brotherhood website. was about 8ut million people. official results will not be announced for several days. taking a look at stories -- aning around the nation
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destroyed a home. used forte was being heat. that is what started the fire around 3:30 a.m. this morning. the house had no smoke detectors. this cruise ship is being anitized after more than hundred people got sick from a virus. the virus was likely carried onto the trip by boarding passengers. e.hip went to venic >> john hammer was arrested in thatt for carrying a gun mexican authorities say was forbidden in that country. hammer says he was going to use shotgun to hunt. in mother says that she is shock that he is finally coming home. it was my first night that i slept on the lawn without getting up. it is the thought of not knowing
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what is going on. can anyone heard him tonight? .hat kind of thought he is eating and able to have a .eal i honestly cannot process it. at therman his father u.s.-mexico border tonight. >> an atheist group is under in virginia after putting up some controversial billboards. .ake a look one sign says, "don't believe in god? join the club." they say the groups are meant to help the group find like- minded people. people think that we are -- but we are not. vandals have tagged one of the for signs the group as. the group has signs in a total
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of 33 states. >> a chilly
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there is a season for giving. hasn's wing organization help to d.c. families in need. one woman got the surprise of when washington and a groupn wall dropped off gifts to her home. her daughter recently died of cancer and she is now the guardian of her grandchildren. nothing can replace the loss of their mother. it will not replace it for me, a lot.will ease the pain >> gibbs is also fighting cancer. more than you hundred 50 its and will receive toys from the women's wing this holiday .eason all of the guest were donated are bought by the women who run this group. be we have anything to thankful when it comes to the weather? we are thankful to be here
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glad to see a little bit of a warm-up tomorrow. the wind chill factor will not be as cold. there is a wintry mix in the forecast. as we look at the temperatures , 35 degrees. look at how the winds have diminished out to the west. miles per hour. 45 was the high. that is the average where we normally are this time of year. 72 is our long-standing record .igh it is freezing at the children's hospital. 32 degrees in fairfax. oxon hill at 33 degrees. dulles, 33 degrees. 31 degrees in hagerstown.
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the wind chill factors are .eginning to rebound the winds are settling down. 24 is what it feels like in charleston. on satellite and radar, high- pressure overhead. namely clear skies for the .vernight -- mainly the skies for the .vernight the blizzard warning, all of warnings and advisories have now been canceled. there will be a good deal of sunshine tomorrow. on our doppler radar, nothing to speak of. clear skies will change as we move into christmas eve. we could be looking at a mix of .howers and snow e alooks like it will b green christmas. the futurecast looks like this. highs are in the 50's. christmas in, clouds will increase from that west.
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rain will develop by the hours.on and evening that will our skype for -- that'll clear r skies for christmas day. big day for shoppers. theroblem in terms of weather. .5-50 degrees christmas day, around 44 degrees. there should be wintry mix on wednesday. a potential storm seems to per day far out to the west. we will see a little bit of , but nothing that will amount to much. >> not a real white christmas. no, i'm sorry. you can dream. [laughter] in a way, the washington wizards are looking like the washington generals. they are probably better at
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this point. rg3 is one step closer to taking the
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>> the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. good news, doctors have robert griffin to start on sunday against the eagles. there will be many limitations griffin. is recovering from a knee.ed right washington wins their last two games, able win the .ivision 4-10.gles are it is likely the head coach -- sean mccoy will be back in action. tomorrow'sill take very seriously. >> there is a lot of pride at
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both us and for them. he would like nothing better than to spoil our chances of advancing. we have got to take care of business. the wizards are downright .ainful to watch right now the head coach is at his wits end. he has been trying to get thrown out for a while. that is bad. he has had enough. the wizards hosting the pistons. they trailed at. third quarter, the wizards rallied. they tried. they were down only 6. this wild sequence sequence happened. i do not know what is going on. the ball is loose. a player falls onto the floor. he was able to finish on the other end.
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this and a lockout. they lost 96-87. number 15, georgetown, has a star in the big east play. the eagles were smelling and upset. stephen get the past right there. . score n scores. they hoyas get the rhythm going. that is a beauty. net. second half. that is a look and also a basket. hoyras win 65-48. -48.s win 65
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tied at 64. it is a team to win. he gets the three at the buzzer. .ason wins 67-64. uva less than 10 seconds to go. steps back. the launch is good. 62-61. no mrs.. -- no misses. time expires. they are upset. 63-61. beat thehnson -- record for receiving yards. something to celebrate in detroit. >> and the pistons win. ok.
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santa is taking a break from his workshop and spending time in virginia beach. he is not playing
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